The Art of Programming & Presenting

Balancing between the well-knowns and the lesser-knowns, the old and the new is an art in itself, be it for a concert programme or one’s musical appetite. In sharing Naxos’ vast knowledge base that was built over decades of research and thousands of recordings, we have developed just the shortcut for your own balancing act.

With its ever-growing database of works encompassing the orchestral and chamber music genres, the Naxos Works Database simply makes the life of conductors, artistic planners and music educators alike easier by its advanced search capabilities and rich meta data associated with each of its 150,000-plus entries.

Work Introductions

Each of the nearly 10,000 work introductions is edited by Naxos’ own team of musicologists based on the liner notes of thousands of Naxos recordings. In essence, they are ready-made programme notes for our subscribers’ own non-commercial use.

Composer Portraits

A large number of digitalized oil painting of famous composers are available for our subscribers’ own non-commercial use. These vivid portraits would no doubt enliven any concert poster or house programme without the worry of a license.