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LISTEN! A Graded Aural Training Programme

One often comes to associate music education with learning to play an instrument or studying music theory as a means to understand the composers’ trade. These, however, only represent two of the three aspects of music making – that of performing and composing, leaving the third aspect of listening often ignored.

Imagine a conventional orchestral concert for a moment. Let’s say there are around 85 performers on stage, among them 1 soloist and 1 conductor. Typically, works by 3 composers are featured. There are 1,000 people in the audience. Taking these numbers and ratio as a guide, shouldn’t our music education focus more on teaching appreciation, on teaching how to listen critically?

With over 1,000 exercises in aural training using authentic recordings and graded by levels of difficulty, LISTEN! is developed as an aid to teach aural perception skills, and is now available here on Naxos for Education.

Study Guides, Exam Playlists and more

Comprehensive study guides for five different curricula can also be found inside the Resources section, with each authored by expert practitioners, and all accompanied by plenty of listening examples alongside the text.

For those preparing for their all-important diploma instrumental exams, GCSE or A Level exams, the Exam Playlists in NML will no doubt be valuable assets. For, where else could you find the entire syllabus in one place, with recordings by some of the greatest performers ever lived?