Listening to Shakespeare and Sherlock

An infant is never taught to listen. One just does. And no matter how profoundly technology shapes and influences the way we live, reading bedtime stories or teaching nursery rhymes to toddlers would never be a thing of the past.

Academic research abounds, including those conducted by Fountas and Pinnell and the National Literacy Trust, which shows that children listen on a higher linguistic level than they can read. In other words, a child may be able to understand the plot and character development in Don Quixote long before one can make sense of the story by reading.

With this belief in mind and in extending Naxos’ vision of making knowledge accessible to all including those who are learning a second language or those visually impaired, the Naxos Spoken Word Library offers a comprehensive collection of over 13,000+ classic audiobooks in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, from Shakespeare to Sherlock Holmes, Children’s Classics to non-fictions and everything in between.

Text on Screen

To go one step above and beyond a regular audiobook, NSWL allows certain texts to be displayed simultaneously while listening, or even printed to facilitate the teaching and learning of language in both classrooms and at home.

Educational Value

Listening to audiobooks allow students to explore literature beyond their reading level and enhance critical listening. A fantastic learning tool for second language acquisition.