Instilling a Thirst for Finer Music

“Only the best is good enough for children.”

Children receive musical instruction as naturally as food, and with as much pleasure as they derive from a baseball game. And this must happen from the beginning of their school lives.

Leonard Bernstein

A child is born with the ability to react to sounds long before one could speak, let alone play a musical instrument. A child’s musical journey always begins with exposure, be it a loving lullaby sung by a parent, an old record belonging to a grandparent, or a live performance.

The world of classical music has so much to offer in this critical stage of discovery. The richness and vastness of its repertoire, styles and sonic worlds are simply unparalleled, and could never be matched by even the most sophisticated of technologies.

Enjoy this playlist dedicated to Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze!

Hungarian composer and universally respected music pedagogue, Zoltán Kodály insisted that “only the best is good enough for children”, and that educators should “instill a thirst for finer music” in them. There is simply no better diet than music by the likes of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Whether it is the approach of Kodály, Orff or Dalcroze that a music teacher adopts, there is an abundance of music that could be introduced to young children. This playlist is a tribute to these three artists for their pioneering work in the advancement of early childhood music education.

“Only the best is good enough for children,” Kodály once said. It is with this core belief that many of Naxos’ educational materials were developed long before the internet age. Even in today’s digital era, these classics remain as much a stable in the library of many kindergartens and elementary schools as they are timeless gifts from parents and grandparents. Here is a notable few specially curated for this age group: