From Exposure to Exploration

Depending on whether or when a child begins to play a musical instrument, one’s musical appetite would soon outgrow the Naxos MusicBox. Fear not. Our flagship Naxos Music Library has any appetite covered. Quite literally.

Imagine continuously streaming music for 24 hours a day non-stop for a decade. That’s how long it would take to play the entire library on the Naxos Music Library. And that’s not even counting the hundreds of albums added each month!

Though access to recordings on the internet today is seemingly “free”, it does not come without strings attached, be it unwanted advertisements or inconsistent quality, inefficient search or limited selection.


What sets NML apart from other streaming platforms comes down to one word: metadata. Each and every work on NML comes with a rich set of information: from composers’ biographies to programme notes, instrumentation to publisher’s details, all authored by experts in the field.

Looking for the timing, programme notes or simply to compare interpretations of Beethoven’s Fifth? With the click of a button, all 713 recordings of the work are right here on NML!


The very NML feature best loved by teachers is the capability to create their own playlists for teaching and sharing with students as assignments.

With an institutional subscription, any track, album or playlist can be shared simply by a hyperlink posted on your preferred learning management system, be it Google Classroom or Schoology. It will take your students straight to what you want them to hear, without needing to log in.

Resources for Education

NML is more than just a gargantuan audio library. The Resources section inside the library offers many valuable add-ons and study tools. Here are a notable few.
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Peerless in scope and content, simple and reliable in use, the Naxos Music Library has always been a most dependable resource in supporting our educational needs.

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
Principal, Royal Academy of Music